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This elaborate ceiling mural below was painted for a local homeowner, who desired to remain anonymous. Albeit, the Lady did give me permission to share a story re said Mural. I have shared what I believe to be a miraculous event re the installation of the Mural many times to interested viewers, and they all come away astounded (as was I) and uplifted in regard to their Faith. The installation of the which I was to "supervise" (though fore warned by a good artist friend not to get involved) was a potential disaster, which turned into a monumental triumph, though one I couldn't bear to experience again. The Lady of the House told me mid-event, that "all things happen for a reason", of the which I did not want to hear at that particular time. As God would have it, she was prophetic; and we now not only have an exceptional mural, but a 'miraculous' story to celebrate it. I thank that kind Lady much for her vision and mercy.

    This mural is an altered version of a contemporary artist's beautiful rendition of "The Upper Room" wherein the Last Supper was celebrated. It is in the Cafeteria of Our Lady of Hope Catholic Retreat in Chatawa, Ms; a place of lore and exceptional beauty, with artesian springs of pure water flowing. In my youth, said Springs were believed to hold healing powers, and are supposedly of waters traced to originate in Alaska. The Retreat is a powerful and old Institution and is currently being resurrected in a beautiful way, by inspired and motivated servants of their Church. It has been a personal blessing for me to have worked with them toward promoting the principles and values - Love at the fore - of our Christian Faith.

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