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    Visual Art, Music and the Written Word are about ideas, and stimulation in response to said ideas. All three forms of Art critique and celebrate Life, and depending on the Artist's personal vision and intent, their work may serve to champion the grand ideas of Truth, Love and Beauty, or extoll the virtue of fine craftsmanship. Or simply serve as a form of self-expression, I.e., "Art for Art's sake".  Figurative painters from Michaelangelo to Bouguereau and Landscape painters like Church and Inness celebrated the beauty of Humanity and Nature, bearing witness to the "enabling and ennobling power of Beauty" as such may affect the Human Spirit.


As a self-taught and traditional realist artist, I employ innate talent and acquired technical skill to create imagery which pays homage to Truth, Love and Beauty. These abstract, spiritual ideas may manifest in the worldly form of a sublime landscape and the creatures therein, or an energy packed, festive cityscape during Mardi Gras in New Orl with our LSU Tigers coming "down the hill". Such may also be found in the transitory face of an innocent child, or a dearly beloved individual or pet...or the poignant images of old barns and abodes as they fade into the mists of time. All touch and console the blessed souls of those who have "eyes that see and ears that hear'.


 My primary and preferred Medium is Oil paint, and my technique is 'Old Master' with an applied drawing on a white ground followed by a subject appropriate stain, with subsequent layers of opaque and transparent pigments. I find inspiration and prefer subject matter that is 'real', as opposed to creating ideals via the studio of my own mind. Not a hard rule, but as I believe that this Universe is Spiritual and the creative art of Divine Being (God), and as such, is my personal preference to celebrate such as is, with minimal subjective overstatement or alteration. That approach may change tomorrow. My current work is focused less on fine detail and is more directed toward overall mood and feeling. Of course, those who commission my hand call the shots, if they so choose. I'm happy either way.


 A very wise, old man and personal mentor for me, once told me that "the best we can hope for, is that the World is just a little better for us having been here". I agree whole heartedly; and strive to cultivate meaningful relationships with fellow beings, the subjects to which artists direct their works. And through my work I will labor to serve, bear witness, and share life with those who worship and enjoy the same enriching ideals as do I.  Truth, Love and Beauty.

   Thank You Jesus. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              RC Davis

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