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Artistic Biography

  I, Richard Christopher Davis, was born in Amite, La. on 10/19/1950, adopted at 3 and raised on a dairy farm in the rural Hillsdale community. I helped on the family farm before entering grade school, with hard and consistent work amongst a loving family, which shaped my work ethic and a love-of-nature-based character. Though my genetic family was lauded for innate artistic talent, I had little exposure and minimal interest in such, as the idyllic life of a country boy was much more interesting and adventurous. I graduated with a senior class of 18 peers, and attended a Jr. College on a partial football scholarship, with virtually no idea of what I would choose to do in my working future. I soon left school for paying work.
I worked as a Federal Post Office employee (Rural Route Carrier) and opened "Chris Davis Signs" in Hammond, La. at the age of 20. I married, had a son, and business was great. Albeit, having been quite naive and unaware of what I would soon discover re my innate 'spiritual' character, I became very disappointed that such an easy "success" in life was far from satisfying for me. Having been overcome by the rebellious, hedonistic and idealistic culture of that time, I crashed, and hanging by a thread, abandoned all, and left society for an old camp in the woods. And a full time, do or die search for spiritual truth.  Being 100% sincere and fully willing to go wherever Truth led, by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ (subjective belief judgement) I was given that Truth. At the same time, I was researching Philosophy and Art, and recognizing the 'marriage' and potential therein, I gained a clear vision as to who, what and how I would spend my creative life. Being totally self-taught and truly blessed, I have prospered since; albeit not without hard challenges.

I have painted my beautiful State, it's people and their lives for over 50 years, and dedicated my work to serving the grand ideas of Truth, Love and Beauty. I have painted and celebrated many commonplace scenes of my youth that went relatively unappreciated and unseen by my then 'untrained' spiritual eyes. My peers have blessed me with their appreciation and patronage, and for that I am truly humbled and grateful. I hope not to let them down. I won the State Duck Stamp competition in 1999 and have judged the Competition many times since. I opened the RC Davis Gallery in Hillsdale with my Wife, Priscilla, and have even painted for - and with - our Governor and have work in our Governor's Mansion. Being at the twilight of my life's sojourn, but the peak of my creative power, it is my hope to finish strong, at my Gallery, in the beautiful place where my life began, via working with and for my peers in creating moving works which bear witness and homage to our hopes and dreams and the great and uplifting potential of the Spirit. Truth, Love and Beauty. Thank you, Jesus.
                                                                                                                                                                                      RC Davis

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