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   The above 'sister' paintings were commissioned by Darryl G. Hoover Family Dentistry for his waiting room. They are large works (36x72 inches) and "dramatic" as requested by Darryl. The top piece is of the Pass Manchac Swamp, and the Eagle was added in remembrance of a near collision with Darryl's windshield on an early morning commute to New Orleans. I could tell by Darryl's description of that unexpected encounter with 'the wild', that he truly appreciated the Eagle's presence, especially the "size of it's talons".  As an artist, I recognized that it was one of those extraordinary instances that elevate us out of the mundane and into the sublime and suggested that he add it to the composition. We also added a lot of critters, for the kids to look for and discover. The children will always remember 'the painting in Darryl's office', and the hidden "snake" and "alligator". Adventure, exploration and discovery deserve celebration.

The bottom piece is the Mouth of the Amite River as it empties into Lake Maurepaus. Directly East and a boat ride across the Lake is Pass Manchac, and Middendorf's Restaurant. Many of Darryl's clients immediately recognize this scene, and some are inquiring about prints. Darryl requested that the Work include the State Dog, Bird and Flower, of the which I was glad to render. I have taken my Grandchildren there many times, to watch the full moon rise over the Lake; they will fondly remember that time.  We hope that Darryl's clients find great comfort and future inspiration during their wait, as a normal wait in the dentist office may generally be somewhat...uninspiring.

Heading 2

Morning Rendezvous

This piece was commissioned by a local friend and logger, who had seen a painting of the which I had done of his friend and son working their equipment in the hayfield. It touched his heart, as all good art will do. I told him that 40 years hence, he and his Son will look like those old black and white photos of former loggers with their hand saws and axes. He laughed and nodded. Technology and our World moves forward, to whence we can only dream. The colorful mist in the distance symbolizes that dream.

And though we all have tons of photos which record the daily record of our lives, well-crafted art has the power to present many of those seemingly mundane instances in that special light which reveals what these instances truly are. Such then becoming High Art, which both serves and bears witness to the Sublime phenomena and the miracle of Life. God, in effect. The Client's Mother fell in love with the piece as soon as she viewed it. Sons and Grandsons, 'tilling the soil' together. Mothers know. Life goes by so fast. It is good that art serves in remembrance of and witness to the profound beauty, love and appreciation therein. It is an honor for me to serve this purpose.

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